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Trass Games - based in San Francisco, California

Release Dates

Nov 16, 2021 Quest App Lab

Jan 5, 2023 Quest Store


Free to play (a lot!)

$14.99 for Ultra (100+ maps, exclusive cosmetics, custom game, and more!)

$9.99 for Map Creator add-on (make and share maps)


Gods of Gravity - the social, arcade-style RTS game where players compete as celestial gods – is now available on the Meta Quest Store for free.

With intuitive gameplay, Gods of Gravity welcomes VR newcomers but leaves a high skill ceiling for those who wish to master the art of galactic warfare. As a god, you have complete command over your fleet. Effortlessly toss ships between planets and moons, or open up wormholes to teleport them across the solar system. You’ll spend countless hours battling your friends in casual lobbies or honing your strategic skills to climb the ranked leaderboard.


  • Easy to learn, but with a high skill ceiling
  • Balances small-scale, physical interactions (grabbing, throwing, etc) with big-picture strategy
  • Simple, fun visual style
  • Competitive play in bi-weekly tournaments
  • Passionate, friendly community
  • Comfortable movement with no motion sickness


“A cross between Ender’s Game and Risk” – Shadow_Boxer2

“Simple to learn strategy game with a lot of depth” – Logan9312

“Addicting game and awesome community. Sometimes I just sit and talk with other people in the lobby.” – Bendy123

“By far my favorite competitive helps new players and has support for really competitive players” – TheLonesomePanda

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Reach out to us to get a code to get everything the game has to offer.

Or, play through it in this sequence to understand how much players get for free...

Free to play (solo)

  • Learn the basics in Quick Start
  • Level up your skills and unlock gods in the (six) free campaign maps
  • In Casual Rooms, create a private room and battle against bots

Free to play (multiplayer)

  • In Casual Rooms, invite a friend and play the official maps
  • Join a public room to play with anyone. Look for a Ultra room to experience crazy maps.
  • For a real challenge, hop into Ranked Queue. Warning: The competition is fierce.

Once you have Ultra, you should

  • Host a casual room to try out a popular community map
  • Play through a co-op missions with friends
  • Experiment in Custom Game to spice up any official map with exciting modifiers
  • Progress through the rest of the campaign

Once you have Map Creator, you should

  • Use the Map Creator to design your own map in VR
  • Share your map, then create a room to play with your friends. The map will appear in the “Shared” tab in multiplayer rooms.

Why free to play?

Gods of Gravity is a social multiplayer game and benefits greatly from being accessible. Keeping the game free helps maximize our reach and improves the experience for all players.

Our goal with Ultra is to give players who love the game more content and more ways to play. We are strictly avoiding pay-to-win, so free players will always have access to the core game mechanics and competitive features. Paid players, meanwhile, get more maps, more customization, more single player content, and the ability to create their own maps.

Additionally, we plan to offer a wide range of earned and paid cosmetics in 2023.


Trailer Download source

Sizzle Reel (cool footage without titles or music) Download source


We have a complete collection of screen shots, logos, backgrounds, and icons available for download on Google Drive


Developed by Trass Games, Gods of Gravity first launched on App Lab in November 2021 as a casual multiplayer game with competitive potential. Now, after 18 updates and more than two years of active development, the game has evolved into a full-on social experience; a place to hang out with friends (and make new ones), explore dozens of community made maps, or sweat through insane tournaments.

“We started Gods of Gravity as a way for us to connect and stay busy during lockdown” says lead designer Jack Southard. “Now, thanks to a passionate fan base and Meta, we’re graduating from App Lab and have a chance to bring it to thousands of new players.”

The games’ creators, Jack Southard and Nathan Jew, first met in their high school cafeteria and, over the next eight years, challenged themselves to create increasingly absurd and ambitious projects, culminating in the wildly popular "Overboard," which brought "sharks with frickin' lasers" to VR, and another project that won an Oculus Start Game Jam.

Gods of Gravity is Trass Games’ first game to launch on the official Quest Store. “It fuses the casual social appeal of Gorilla Tag with the strategy of traditional real-time strategy games like Red Alert, making it unlike anything else in VR” according to Steve Shockey, president of the studio.

“Most multiplayer VR games today are only a test of dexterity or speed,” notes Nathan Jew. “Our game still has plenty of that technique to master, but there’s a lot more big-picture decision making involved.”


It’s been a busy first year, and we’re just getting started...

2022 highlights

  • Challenges that unlock custom cosmetics
  • Tournaments and ranked play
  • Map Creator
  • Community made maps that can be shared
  • Overhauled campaign

2023 what to watch for

  • Purchasable cosmetics (Jan)
  • Destruction update (Jan)
  • Co-op update (Feb)

About us

Founded in 2021, Trass Games is an independent studio specializing in making unique, comfortable, and exciting VR games.

See About Us page for our story and team.


Jack Southard: Coding, Design, Art, Marketing

Nathan Jew: Coding, Music, Sound

Steve Shockey: President, Marketing, Social Media, Design

Jeff Southard: Advisor


Our community lives on our Discord server

We post weekly on YouTube and TikTok


Reach out to us at