Yeeps: Hide and Seek

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Yeeps: Hide and Seek takes the best movement VR has to offer and builds on it, literally!

As a Yeep, your belly is full of stuffing used to craft anything from pillows for building to bombs for destruction. Pull items from your vast imagination and toss them into the world. The game’s intuitive block-based building makes it easy to express your creativity at any skill level. 

Hide and Seek

When not loafing around, Yeeps play Hide and Seek! The best combine their parkour skills with awesome gadgets and precise building to evade and chase. Yeeps also know the strength of working together, whether it's to huddle up in a hiding spot or to build and defend a massive fort! 

Tons of Unlockables

Yeeps learn to craft new things as they play! Unlock dozens of epic stuffed items to elevate your game:

  • Umbrellas to glide from one massive fort to another
  • Sticky bombs to blow up pillows or launch yourself into action
  • Decoys to trick seekers or troll your friends
  • And 20+ more to discover!

    Create Anything

    Block-based building isn’t just for pillows. Enter Creative Mode to unleash your creativity and build entire worlds from the ground up.

    • Throw down terrain blocks to shape the landscape
    • Build on top using wood blocks and dozens of other decorations
    • Place trampolines, launch pads, spike traps, and even giant fans to spice it up

    Build maps with randos in the Wilds, or enter your Private World with friends to fully control the experience.

    The sky's the limit! YEEEEP!



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