Yeeps Privacy Policy

Yeeps: Hide and Seek (the "Game") is made in Unity. We use Photon to provide real time multiplayer, matchmaking, and voice chat.

Yeeps Account

The Game automatically creates and updates an account tied to your Oculus ID, a unique string of numbers provided by Oculus. Aside from your Oculus ID which could be used to identify your Oculus account, no information stored in your game account can be used to identify you.

This account contains the following information:

  • Your chosen display name
  • Your owned patterns
  • Your owned and equipped cosmetics
  • Your history of purchases within the game
  • Amount of currency you own
  • Your challenge progress


To provide real time multiplayer, matchmaking, and voice chat. Photon stores a unique token created about you which is held by you. Additionally, Photon stores your IP address for the duration of a match and retains this data for a month which it uses to provide real time networking. However, the information stored by Photon is pseudonymised and cannot be used to identify you.

Find more information about Photon’s privacy policy here.


We may record, temporarily store, and reserve the right to monitor player voice chat in playing Yeeps: Hide and Seek in order to help Trass Games with player moderation. This allows us to help ensure Community Guidelines are being met and no inappropriate behavior is blatantly displayed by players.

The data is anonymized before being sent to ToxMod, and the only external link is your Meta User ID (which is used to warn or ban players).


If you wish to have your personal data deleted, please contact us at